Ride to return this winter - Rider Safe Returning Rider Course

Following a recent increase in motorcycle fatalities and the full effects of a wet winter beginning to be felt, the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) is issuing an important road safety reminder - ride to return this winter.

MAC Road Safety Communications Manager, Matt Hanton said sadly we have seen nine motorcyclist killed in road crashes this year, exceeding the eight rider’s killed during 2016.

“All nine of these deaths have occurred since March, a significant loss of life in such a short period of time,” said Mr Hanton.

The increased risk of injury of death for motorcyclists is serious and anything that can improve a rider’s safety is strongly encouraged.                                                                                                       

“As the wet weather begins it is important for all motorcyclists to make sure they are riding to the conditions and wearing the right protective clothing.

“Whether you ride a scooter or a motorbike, good quality, protective gear is a must. It can mean the difference between a minor injury and one that prevents you from riding ever again.

“Many riders believe a helmet and protective jacket is enough, however covering your whole body in quality protective gear is the best way to reduce injury in a crash.

“If you are a returning rider, resist the urge to wear your old gear. It’s likely your helmet and the rest of your riding gear may not be as safe as what is available today,” Mr Hanton said

Whether through protective clothing, or increased skills and education, motorcyclists should do all they can to lower their crash risk and ride to return.

The Rider Safer Returning Rider Course costs $116 and is run through the Department for Transport, Planning and Infrastructure (DPTI). Further information can be found at mylicence.sa.gov.au or by calling Rider Safe on 1800 018 300.

“There is no pass or fail component to the course, it is designed to teach and refresh riding skills, techniques and awareness and could be the difference between avoiding a crash, serious injury or even death on our roads,” Mr Hanton said.

Motorcycle Statistics

Fatalities - 2017


















Fatalities - 2012 – 2016






















*YTD – to midnight 5 July 2017

Careers at MAC

Careers at MAC

Current Vacancies

Claims Advisor

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) is South Australia's leader in road safety behaviour change and education, and is dedicated to the safety of all South Australian road users.

MAC is also responsible for the management of Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance claims for crashes that occurred prior to 30 June 2016.

A key advisory role is now available within MAC's CTP function which contributes to driving claims initiatives and the oversight of MAC's Claims Manager

Reporting to the Manager, CTP, responsibilities will include:

  • Participating in the implementation of key claims management initiatives.
  • Undertaking contractual formal audits.
  • Identifying emerging scheme risks and issues, including making recommendations for risk mitigation strategies.
  • Preparing reports, such as audit outcomes.

Experience & Skills:

  • Demonstrated experience in analysing and interpreting business controls, processes, procedures or systems.
  • Experience in interpreting insurance claims data.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, time management and attention to detail.
  • Strong ability to work effectively in a small team environment, including developing working relationships with stakeholders.

A detailed job and person specification can be downloaded here or requested via email.

Applications must address and demonstrate your experience, aptitudes and skills against the specification's Essential Minimum Requirements. Please forward your letter of application (no more than two pages), together with a current resume, to Jacqui Cole, HR Admin Officer at Jacqui.cole@sa.gov.au.

Applications close Friday, 22 September 2017.

MAC's Workplace

MAC comprises a diverse mix of people forming a cohesive work environment that embraces new ideas and strategic thinking.

Staff are given the opportunity to continually develop their skills and knowledge to help MAC realise its vision and mission.

MAC is an equal opportunity employer and seeks highly motivated and result-oriented people who display the characteristics of our core values.

Our Values

Focused: We strive to achieve planned outcomes in all our activities by an approach to work that is:

  • Ethical – being honest and fair
  • Diligent – being hardworking and attentive
  • Efficient – being professional and well organised
  • Innovative – being forward thinking and creative
  • Accountable: We are responsible for our actions and delivering on our promises

Teamwork: We make teamwork work by recognising individual talents and being considerate of fellow staff members and partners.

Pride: We take pride in our contribution to MAC for the benefit of South Australian road users.